B16 vs b18 vs b20

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B16 vs b18 vs b20

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Honda B vs K Series: Which is Right for Your Build?

Combustion Engines. What engine is better for racing b18 or b20? Wiki User These engines were not produced the same as the B16a or B18c blocks with the same quality and tolerances, So inherently the castings differ alot and tend to be very weak! Any good B18c block will be fine and in particular the B18CR. By changing the pistons to 84mm you will have a 2 litre engine which will benefit greatly from more Horsepower and Torque :. Related Questions Asked in Acura Which is faster b18 turbo or b20 turbo?

The b20 will smoke the b Asked in Acura Whats the difference in a b18 and a b20? They might use a different head but I know that block is the same. I believe that it's the B18 and all they did was remove cylinder sleeves to bore it out to a 2. Asked in Acura Integra Can you replace a b18 engine and 5 spd tran with b20 enginetran combination Does b20 come with cable clutch?

Where's the water pump located in a b20 engine. The 91 ls came with a b18 and that engine shares it's block with the b The new engine will drop in, but you will have to swap out some of the parts off of your old engine such as intake manifold, distributer, fuel rail, etc.

The only modification you will need will be to extend the temp sensor wires to reach the new location by the thermostat housing as your old sensor is on the rear of the block.

You can use your old motor mounts, transmission, harness, belt etc.Automotive Forums. How come alot of people put a B16 into a HB other then the B18? Is it cheaper? Maybe B16A's, there's a huge difference. To compare you need to get more specific. I think i know what he was asking. He didn't specify b18c or b18a or what have you. He just said B16 and B I think most civic hatches probably come with weak D series engines.

Atleast the older ones. The reason they are putting B16's in their cars are because they are cheaper than a B18C and are faster than a B18A or B. That is probably whats going on. There's more hype around the B16A than there should be but that's more than likely why a lot of Civic owners put the B16A in aside from it being one of the easier motor swaps.

Everyone's led to believe it's the be-all-end-all of motors for a Civic and they make uninformed decisions. It's also the cheapest of the VTEC motors which is another reason. That's the generalization. It's a great motor, it has a lot of potential, but a B18B will be comparable in speed for less money. Another thing is that the B16a is the most readily available so it is cheaper the whole supply and demand thing. Yeah and she still got smoked by the infamous green saturn.

That's a pretty ignorant statement. Second, a B18B is not going to be as fast for the less, for the simple reason that they cost the same to begin with. And it is the same to swap in a B16A as it is to swap in any B series motor, a wire difference here and there aside.

Is it because the B18 motors are heavier? I don't know, I kinda like the B18's more Is that true. Thanks for all the info.Judging from internet forum wars, riddled with fiery posts and personal attacks, the choice between a Honda B or K series engine is more a religious decision than one based on fact or mechanical superiority.

Even within the brand, engine loyalties abound. However, when the smoke from the forum flames clears, each one of these capable engines has a unique set of pros and cons to weigh. The first consideration that needs to be made is cash. Few automotive enthusiasts have access to a money tree or the limitless financial resources to throw stacks of cash at a project.

For that reason the B series is a budget friendly choice. While the B is no sissy, with racing examples regular eclipsing the 1, horsepower mark and street builds sneaking up on unsuspecting V8s, it is still a baby in the eyes of the aftermarket: their baby.

First introduced to the US inthe B-series has been the go-to platform of Honda tuners for 25 years. In that time, aftermarket companies have been building, testing, and selling parts for the platform in droves; making them plentiful, time-tested and, most importantly, very affordable.

If budget is a major concern in a planned build, the B series certainly shines. And, thanks to a year production run, there are plenty of B-series cores ripe for the picking on your Craigslist locality of choice. Most examples — especially the B16s and B18A series — can be picked up for a few hundred bucks, but rarer trims such as the B18Cs and B18C5s still command primo coin.

In a few years, as more and more K-powered vehicles find their way into junkyards across the country, core prices will drop even further making this engine more accessible to tuners. When pricing out a project, it is important to look at the big picture. This K24 engine features an 87mm bore and 99mm stroke, huge for any Honda platform.

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The shorter and more recent. Retrofitting a K engine certainly requires much more involvement than using a B series engine, which many older Honda platforms came with from the factory in either USDM or JDM iterations. Even with aftermarket sleeves, the displacement capacity of the B series is limited by the bore spacing.

And, this statement rings especially true in the world of naturally aspirated power. Due to this fact, the K series engines have a solid advantage over the Bs. With a square 86mm x 86mm bore and stroke, as delivered from Honda, the smallest variant of the K20 series still puts a.

In the world of Honda four-cylinders, even the smaller K is big; but, they get even bigger. Displacement, however, is only half the battle. This B-series block is being prepped with cylinder Sleeves from Golden Eagle Manufacturing for big boost and insane horsepower. The cylinder heads on the performance variants of the K-series engines are some of the best the company has ever designed.

Laskey's Bad B Series. The engine has been prepped with Benson sleeves, CP pistons and Carrillo rods. Portflow handled the head-porting duties while Supertech valvetrain actuates the valves. While the K-series does pack the previously mentioned, higher-flowing cylinder head and displacement bump, the B easily overcomes those perks with boost.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center?

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The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Wiki User Many Honda enthusiasts agree that the B18 is the better motor.

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The B18 is a very good overall motor that can handle a lot of power on boost, make a pretty decent power all motor, and are high-revving. Why not do one of the common swaps such as a B16 or a B LS is b Asked in Eagle Talon What kind of motors will fit in a eagle talon fwd non turbo?

b20 or b18?

Cold air intake is better because it's denser. Asked in Honda What is Honda b16 a? Asked in Honda Civic How do you install b18 c into civic? Asked in Acura Integra Does all stock integra ls come on a b18 engine?

On the intake pipe to the throttle body. Asked in Acura Which is faster b18 turbo or b20 turbo? The b20 will smoke the b Asked in Acura Integra Does a integra ls have a b18 motor? Asked in Honda Civic SI Your civic is obd1 and the b16 engine is obd0 how do you connect it up with the wiring harness? Down grade the sensors. What engine is in the integra?Building an engine can be a daunting process.

So we've taken the time to break down what we've learned in over 20 years of engine building and racing experience to help users new and old alike have an understanding of what common combinations of engines are capable of as well as create a list of stepping stones for someone wondering what their next modification should be.

Keep in mind when reading this guide: everyone has opinions and different experiences. The horsepower numbers that we give are not hard rules, but a general guideline. Your mileage may vary, but hopefully we can put your expectations in the right realm of thinking. The biggest draw to a honda powerplant is the wide breadth of customization and build options.

That being said, this guide is not the hard and fast rule on how to build an engine, but rather a general guideline of what we've used successfully for over 2 decades.

Each part we list is available to purchase on our webstore, and we also offer packages in conjunction with this guide to make your shopping experience easier.

If you want to show appreciation for this walkthrough, please be sure to check out our store for all your performance needs.

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The first part of any build should start with a general idea or goal of your ultimate outcome. Seeing those numbers should allow you to put an idea in your head of what you can build to. The average streetable horsepower in our experience is in the realm of WHP, anything past HP typically results in nothing but spinning.

We've proven it time and time again. A stock sleeve B-Series engine can hold power. We've made upwards of HP on stock GSR sleeves and made multiple 9 second passes, over dyno passes and never cracked a sleeve. That being said, it should be noted: a stock sleeve B18 over HP is a timebomb.

If you are on a budget and want to make the most power, pushing the limit on stock sleeves is not a good idea. In our experience, we get a lot of phone calls from people asking about a sleeved engines for higher power street cars. While sleeves offer an extremely robust and pretty much bulletproof block, for a street car, we typically err on the side of a CSS Cylinder Support System.

The major benefit being cost. CSS is limited to mm bore, and we recommend running a. If your plan is to mainly be a high power track oriented car that needs to eek out every inch of power on a big bore engines, sleeves take priority. The sleeves are so weak that breakage is never a matter of if, but when. There is no way to reinforce the sleeves adequately to alleviate the breakages, your only option is to sleeve the engine.

After sleeving, the engine can hold whatever you throw at it. On average, B20 sleeves break around HP like clockwork. There are several design differences, but for the average street car, the differences are miniscule.

Now it's time to get to the nitty gritty of selecting parts for the engine. We're going to start from the bottom up.

b16 vs b18 vs b20

When assembling, make sure you check or have your machine shop inspect your journals for the appropriate oversized over undersized bearing. We offer several stages for street to strip. Our Street Kit is our go-to setup for all sub HP cars. Honda OEM is the best pump, period. As stated earlier, for a street car we recommend up to HP, because anything past HP typically results in excessive tire spin.

The result of excess tire spin is a broken oil pump, there are several ways to combat breaking oil pumps, reducing tires spin and installing an aftermarket harmonic balancer like an ATI Fluidampr. We run Cometic headgaskets on every car. Usually a. Valves will hold power up to safely, but the OEM Springs and retainers should be replaced to avoid dropping a valve and catastrophically destroying your engine.

Check out our head packages for more information on selecting the appropriate parts for your cylinder head. Ferrea valves are our go-to for every street car.Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

B18C vs B Dark93DX New Member.

B20Vtec VS B16A

Anybody here ever see these two swaps go head to head? I feel like a gsr enigne is much more reliable and versatile. LOL comparing a b20 and a b18c is like comparing a track start to a 8th gradeer running track, the b20 is good, yes potential yes, b18c has WAY more potential then the b20 would, as for price the b18c will be more expensive, and the b20 would be way cheaper good for low budgeters but theres not really a comparison, you should compare the b18c to say a b16, or the older gsr engine b17 and compare the b18 lsmotor to the B20 crv motors would be more fair.

b16 vs b18 vs b20

We havn't raced, however, his car feels much better down low and in the midrange, and has better power up top as well. It is definately faster.

What is the difference between a B16 motor and a B18 motor?

I can almost guarantee my engine will last longer though. My first post is a little inaccurate when I said to head I was thinking more of a comparison in driving then an actual race. Last edited: Jun 12, The b20 will have more low end grunt.

It was designed for a heavy ass CRV I can tell you that with the gsr in my hatch, low end power is not an issue whatsoever. For instance, if I am in 3rd gear going 25 mph and I need to accelerate, there is no bogging. I used to own a 99 civic si, and the low end acceleration is x better IMO. On the highway in 5th, acceration sucks at 50 mpg, gets better at 60, and pulls harder and harder the faster I go. BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator.

Transmission is a huge issue here too.

b16 vs b18 vs b20

I like the mention of b16a2 compared to the b18c above As to the tranny on a b20, also very good point.Automotive Forums. My friend and I were talking about honda's tonight and we got on the discussion of which is the better engine in a hatch, a b20b or a b16a2. He sides on the b20 because there " is no replacement for displacement" but I kinda side on the b16 because of the hp and vtec.

A b16a2 has hp and torque and a b20b has hp and torque i believe. Whats your opinion? Thats the old discussion- tq vs. This of course pertains to Euro versions running on 95 Octane J. Wow if a honda engine ever had hp and a torque there would be no question on which is better. Yeah though I told him that hp wins in the long run. Otherwise why would the engine be more expensive but wait isn't a b16a2 longblock cheaper then a b20b longblock? If a person was into turbos then a nissian is the way to go which is what he is into.

I guess you could just compare the arguement to the old b16 vs. Sorry, I side with the B But it really depends on what you want to use this engine for. For everyday driving, I'd take the B20 hands down. What's the use of if it's located at rpm? Which means you get a range of over 5,rpm of even, usefull and in a light weight Civic hard pulling Torque.

Ok, the B20 has more Torque, but in a light weight car like a Civic you really dont need it, and the B16a has more than enough at low revs to get it around in traffic. Then when you feel like going fast there is signifcantly more hp that a b Quite simply the B16a is a nice easy engine to drive around town in everyday traffic, and then has more than enough hp to make things lots of fun when you want to go hard. Exactly thats the point why most of the car industrie trries to give the car much torque on low rpms- u just dont need to rev up high and the change the gear.

And ull save fuel due to the lower rpms. Originally posted by Moppie Ok, the B20 has more Torque, but in a light weight car like a Civic you really dont need it, and the B16a has more than enough at low revs to get it around in traffic.


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